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Fish, Location, Presentation, Success

An avid angler fishing since the age of four, Jon Osowski began fishing the small farm ponds, flood control projects, and small lakes of southwestern Minnesota and eastern South Dakota. It was here that he developed a passion for big bass.

Jon followed the In-Fisherman formula: F (fish) + L (location) + P (presentation) = Total Success. He frequently read the In-Fisherman magazine and viewed the company's videos in the early 1980s. Jon's big break came with his hiring to Al and Ron Lindner's In-Fisherman Camp Fish, located near Walker, Minnesota.

As an instructor at Camp Fish, Jon earned his "fishing PhD" and gained experience on Northern Minnesota's Leech Lake. He also became familiar with the many lakes in the region, spending countless hours on the water with talented Camp Fish staff members; who all share a mutual love of catching fish and educating others.

Jon moved to Bemidji, Minnesota, where he managed the fishing department at Xen's Sporting Goods, fishing and guiding every day that he could. Jon, also at this time, began his lure designs and the alteration of his custom baits.

Jon has continued to catch some of the largest bass in Minnesota throughout the '80s '90s '00s. Jon's goal today is to catch the Minnesota state record smallmouth bass near his Walker, Minnesota cabin

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Jon with a largemouth bass