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Jon has been a fishing nut his whole life, reading In-Fisherman magazine and viewing the company's videos as far back as the early 1980s. With a "fishing PhD" from Al and Ron Lindner's In-Fisherman Camp Fish, and years as a Guide and Sporting Goods Pro, Jon has been creating and altering custom baits most of his life. Put Jon's wisdom and expertise to work for you, and bring in the biggest "Smallie" your crew has ever seen!


We've got your Bass covered with the versatile "Creature"

A 10.5 cm (4.10 inch) lure, the Cheemo Creature is ideal for either largemouth or smallmouth bass, and can be fished with a jig or your favorite style of rig (Texas-Carolina). It's a pro-proven bait with a whiff of secret scent, and its versatility enables it to be fished effectively in diverse freshwater habitats. These include punching slop, reeds, wild rice, pads, cabbage, coontail, hydrilla and swimming the Creature on flats, along with fishing deep water humps and rocks; you can use the Creature as a trailer and it can be altered by the angler.

The Creature is a three-dimensional lure, giving bass a large, slow falling, water column disturbing target. The Creature casts well in rough conditions to the intended location and stays in the strike zone longer producing more bites.

Creature Features

The Creature is a versatile, multi-location, multi-presentation bait that can be fished with your favorite style jig or rig. This pro-proven Cheemo bait, with a secret scent, will hook your next big bass.

  • Slop
  • Weeds
  • Reeds
  • Pads
  • Docks
  • Wild Rice
  • Wood
  • Flats
  • Deep Water

The Creature comes in three color variations, all of them tasty.

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